About the project 


The Donna Reed Show

is a phrase that refers to the moment when someone returns home after a day at work. Traditionally, these words are spoken by a man to his wife often who is putting dinner on the table just as he walks through the door. 


​This interactive web story consists of a collection of fictional narratives that explore manifestations of inequality that multiply over time to produce the gender wage gap. Pulling from current Ontario-based statistics and world-wide trends, the story situates the reader to experience the realities of being a woman working in a variety of creative fields by spotlighting the sexist perceptions and decisions that they face in the workforce. Moments of exclusion from reward and recognition, lack of creative credit, sexual harassment, unequal opportunities to grow in their respective fields and other systemic factors are encountered by the viewer to further demonstrate that the gender wage-gap is about much more than the numbers on a paycheque. 

Set out to invite immersion in the underlying dynamics that produce the gender wage gap, Honey, I’m Home is a narrative made by a young woman who wonders, at what point in her life will she experience these inevitable moments of inequality herself